Protected: The Fee




On behalf of the Order, thank you for your interest. Becoming a Member is a serious and, potentially, life-changing decision. It is not one you should take lightly and will require a substantial commitment on your part. However, the rewards of being a Member can be significant. This is not measured in material wealth, but a system of continual improvement, community involvement, self-discovery and comradery with like-minded members.

We will walk you through the steps all members should take before requesting to become a part of the Order. Historically, members became a part of the Order through family or close friends who belonged to the Order. This connection ensured that members of good standing knew the character and background of the potential candidate for membership. However, today most members approach the Order through the call to join and have seen the signs and clues left to recruit only the best Members. Because of this, the Order has developed The Game of Eight levels that will allow you to know if the Order is right for you and the Order to know if you are a good candidate to potentially be raised to the highest circle.

STEP ONE – Riddle

The first step is a small barrier for potential Member’s seeking to join The Order. If you are reading this then you have succeeded in opening the opportunity to become a Member. Questions may include: Why are you considering becoming a Member? How far are you willing to go to achieve your dreams? What will you do when you begin The Game?

This discussion can be with friends and family but highly discouraged. Since you are reading this material, you have been qualified over thousands of other candidates. Your friends and family will be of no help to you assuming they have not seen the signs.

The Order encourages the utmost secrecy from members.


You must give a sacrifice of yourself to continue. For those that feel they cannot d0 this, The Order encourages further inspection before proceeding.


You will be given instructions on how to make a choice.

After you have chosen, what choice you made will determine whether you proceed to Step 4…


You will be instructed further upon completion of The Fee, and The Choice.

After the choice has been made, you will proceed to the next steps.